Ozzy the House Bunny

IMG_6589Today, I had to take my rabbit to be fixed. This may seem silly to most people, but I was advised that it would help my rabbit lead a more relaxed life and he would live longer. So, I scheduled the appointment and got him in. I picked him up around 5, and honestly it makes me question the neutering of animals. His trembling body and sad eyes. A spark had left them. My once very happy, hoppity companion looked melancholy, and so disappointed. I know I have to be patient, and let him heal before I make a complete judgement.

Instead of dwelling on my little friend being in pain… I decided to spend a little time thinking of Ozzy when he was spry (like yesterday). It’s almost comical how I have become so attached to a small rodent. I can honestly say that my house bunny has been one of the IMG_6453absolute best additions in my life.IMG_6548

He greets me the way I would want any animal to and is truly partial to me. I found him on craigslist, and took him off the hands of a little girl who began with 2 bunnies and ended up with 10. It seems it was all meant to be.

IMG_6455His personality is so big for such a small animal, and I know I might sound crazy.. He hops around my apartment
and gets along perfectly with our

dog, Jimi. He is becoming litter trained, but is not perfect yet… Still impressive for a bunny. Ozzy has even found a way IMG_6880to jump from the ground, into my lap. He has truly become a part of my family. Rabbits are very underrated when it comes to a person looking for a pet to be a cat like companion. He’s adorable, sweet, and more lovable then I could ask. I can’t wait to have my house bunny healed and back to normal.


Sawgrass Lake Park

Lush Greens  IMG_6874



In my attempt to stay away from any kind of school or housework, Jackson and I went on a quest for Vitamin D. Living in Florida, its only natural we contemplated going to the beach before quickly dismissing it knowing Friday Afternoon would be completely packed. Instead, I found a local nature preserve, and we spent the early afternoon walking through the swamps and admiring our own backyard. Driving there, we had to go through a neighborhood to get into the preserve. It was a seemingly random road, leading to what turned to be a slice of paradise. When you walk in you immediately can feel the thick florida air and a auditory change. The air was humming, just enough to let you know the air was moving. Animals, birds, and insects chirping and making noises. It was amazing the way the it completely secluded itself while being is such a bustling area. As I looked around it was so easy to appreciate my surroundings while to one side is dense swamp, an aquarium of nature, and to the other the palms of St. Pete. I love doing little things like this with the people I love to continuously grow appreciation for the beauty of the world. We saw so much wildlife including small alligators, birds, turtles, and got enough sun for one afternoon. We met a gator loving man, who explained that there were alligators from 9-13 feet in the same preserve.. We were hoping to see a big one, next time.

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